Economic Department

While performing its duties and exercising its rights, the "Economic" Department of the Animal Husbandry Research Institute interacts with the institute's structural divisions, institutions included in its structure, and subordinate institutions that are not included in its structure. The main direction of the department's activity consists of coordinating the supply of necessary goods of the required quality and quantity to the institute for the specified period, preparing analytical information materials about the current situation and development prospects of the material and technical supply, and presenting it to the management. The department also focuses on improving the work organization methods.

The "Economic" department provides proposals for the rational use of material resources to reduce costs, prepares current and prospective projects of material and technical support, maintenance, and operation requirements. It organizes the provision of the institute with equipment and materials necessary for economic activity, records the movement of material resources in its warehouses, creates a database, and prepares relevant reports on material and technical support. Additionally, the department compiles the work plan and reports on its activities for specified periods.

List of department employees:

Mammadov Firdovsi Bagir oglu - Head of the Department
Abuzarov Sarkhan Nazim oghlu - Specialist
Gasimov Tofig Gadim oglu - Watchman
Mirzayev Taleh Aladdin oghlu - Watchman
Mirzayev Elyar Taleh oghlu - Watchman
Hasanov Chapay Aladdin oghlu - Watchman
Bayramov Nofal Amir oglu - Watchman
Mammadov Moslum Vilayat oglu - Watchman
Mirzayeva Niyar Qanbar gizi - Housekeeper
Abdullayeva Elana Niyaz gizi - Housekeeper
Amiraslanova Walida Ahmed gizi - Housekeeper
Muhibiyeva Marziya Bekir gizi - Housekeeper
Shahbazova Sevda Bahman gizi - Housekeeper
Aliyev Vugar Khanlar oglu - Electrician
Gasimov Fakhreddin Gurban oglu - Gardener
Karimov Jumshud Nazim oghlu - Operator
Gasimova Chinara Alim gizi - Birdkeeper
Mammadov Allahyar Vilayat oglu - Shepherd
Ahmadova Nüvar Veli gizi - Worker
Hasanova Durdane Abbas gizi - Worker
Aliyev Matlab Ismail oglu - Worker
Mammadova Gulara Agarza gizi - Worker
Rzayev Rovshan Niyaz oglu - Worker
Guliyeva Gunel Maarif gizi - Worker