Department Of International Relations And Information Communication Technologies

The Department of "International Relations and Information Communication Technologies" at the Animal Husbandry Scientific Research Institute is responsible for searching, collecting, and processing (editing, translating, etc.) information necessary for the institute's specialists, delivering it to employees, organizing scientific-practical conferences, seminars, and round tables. The department also conducts photo and video recording of works, disseminates information on the application of the results of scientific research on the institute's official website, social networks, news sites, relevant internet portals, and mass media. Additionally, it handles the preparation and printing of various materials (booklets, brochures, infographics, recommendations, instructions, books, catalogs, magazines, etc.), organizes advisory services to farmers, oversees training sessions, and works towards establishing international partnerships. The department is involved in concluding cooperation agreements, signing memoranda, and presenting reports on general work to the management and other higher bodies.

The specialists in the department are responsible for promptly and qualitatively providing the management and employees with necessary information, as well as safeguarding and securing information crucial for the institute. Department employees are also responsible for periodically checking the integrity of computers, network equipment, printing devices, and other technical devices in the material and technical base of the institute. They eliminate technical or software malfunctions promptly, and if this is not possible, inform the management to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise.

List of department employees:

Ayten Rauf gizi Aliyeva - Head of the Department
Seymur Zireddin oglu Asadzade - Leading expert
Kazimov Feruz Fariz oghlu - Specialist
Emin Rufat oglu Mammadov - Specialist
Navai Dunay oglu Imamguliyev - Expert
Gafarova Rufana Alisalam gizi - Computer operator
Mehdikhanov Afgan Elham oghlu - Computer operator