Legal, HR And Administration

The "Law, Personnel, and Clerical Organization" department of the Animal Husbandry Scientific Research Institute is responsible for various tasks such as hiring, firing, transferring employees, modifying their duties, rewarding them, increasing personnel qualifications, granting leave, etc., in accordance with labor legislation, regulations, and instructions. The department's staff manages personal affairs, develops life and perspective plans for personnel, proposes the organization of selection and proper placement, enhances worker qualifications, teaches students and apprentices industrial experience, and provides information to relevant departments about the institute's personnel needs. They also investigate staff turnover, propose measures to address it, and present recommendations to management.

The "Law, Personnel, and Clerical Organization" department also prepares materials for qualification and attestation commissions, actively participates in commission work, records vacation allocations, monitors timely vacation usage, maintains a personal affairs archive, organizes the transfer of overdue cases to the state archive, oversees the preparation and timely submission of personnel reports, checks the alignment of institute orders and instructions with higher organization guidelines, and supervises the execution of required tasks. They investigate reasons for non-fulfillment and implement necessary measures, as well as lead personnel inspectors and guide their work.

List of department employees:

Emilya Hadi gizi Rafibeyli - Head of Department
Mubariz Mustafa oglu Hajiyev - Leading expert on legal issues
Gunel Alyar gizi Gadimova - Expert
Narmin Zabit gizi Ibrahimova - Specialist
Ayten Saladin gizi Mammadova - Computer operator
Svetlana Aziz Gizi Hasanova - Computer operator