Science Department

The main task of the science department
1. The main task of the science department is to organize and coordinate scientific activities in certain areas, discuss and approve selected topics;
2. Discussion of work programs and calendar plans, methods of research works conducted in the institute;
3. Discussion of research reports;
4. Assisting in the training of highly qualified scientific personnel, conducting registration in connection with admission to doctoral studies;
5. Helping to publish the results of scientific research works.

Activities of the department
1. In accordance with the work program of the scientific and scientific technical council, convene scientific and technical council meetings once a month;
2. Send the materials submitted to the Department for initial processing and opinions on the direction;
4. Collect reports of research works;
5. Collect articles for the Institute's "Scientific researches in the agricultural field" magazine, prepare for publication;
6. To participate in trainings.

List of employees of the department:
1. Yasin Gaibgulu oghlu Gozalov - Head of the Department
2. Aysul Yahya gizi Mammadova - Scientific secretary
3. Tarana Nazim gizi Hajiyeva - Senior researcher
4. Vusala Nasreddin gizi Mammadova - Computer operator