"Mulberry silkworm breeding" laboratory

In the laboratory from 1946 until today, in the field of mulberry silkworm breeding, increasing productivity, creating simple and complex hybrids, testing, high payment of feed, meeting the demand for technical silk, providing high technological properties, tolerance to yellow disease, feed in various breeding methods and their geneological generations payment and development of new, modern agrozootechnologies, etc. As a result of the selection works carried out in the directions, up to 50 new breeds were created.
Hundreds of hybrid combinations have been created and tested by crossing these breeds.
In addition, our breeders, paying serious attention to establishing relations with their foreign colleagues, have established international scientific cooperation relations with the Institute of Sericulture of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, the Scientific Research Institute of Sericulture of the Georgian State Agrarian University, and the Experimental Station of Sericulture and Agriculture of the Sofia Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria. The scientific works carried out on the basis of the 10-year international agreement with our Bulgarian colleagues have been completed.
In addition, since 2005, scientific research work has been carried out in the laboratory on new lines planned to be established for Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Georgia from the CIS based on the decision and recommendation of the Executive Committee of the International Silk Association (IBSA) of the countries of the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Central Asian region.
Currently, 8.2.2 of the Action Plan of the State Program on sericulture in the laboratory. preparatory work is being carried out for the production of breeding (superelite) grain intended for production at the Scientific Research Institute of Animal Husbandry.

Employees of the laboratory
1. Mammadov Ghafar Mahmud oghlu - Head of the laboratory
2. Musayeva Safa Rza gizi - Senior Researcher
3. Huseynova Rasima Rasim gizi - Researcher
4. Poladov Fovzu Jahangir oghlu - Researcher
5. Mammadova Anfura Telman gizi - Researcher
6. Aliyeva Sevda Aydın gizi - Senior laboratory assistant
7. Ramazanova Almaz Allahverdi girl - Laboratory assistant
8. Iskenderova Tarana Vahid gizi - Technician
9. Rustamova Raya Rustam gizi - Technician